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Mechanics-based simulation bridging
molecules, cells and tissues

We are developing new methods of mechanics-based simulations to analyze 3D multi-cellular dynamics such as embryogenesis and carcinogenesis. By combining this technology with biological experiments, we aim to reveal new aspects of the shaping of living organisms.

Pluripotent stem cell-derived
3D tissue culture

In the cultur, we let cells to create 3D tissues in a self-organizing manner and observe multi-cellular interactions during morphogenesis. We aim to understand and manipulate the multi-cellular dynamics by combining perturbation experiments and mechanics-based simulations.

Theoretical analysis of
multi-cellular dynamics

Based on the quantitative data and understandings obtained from experiments and simulations, we extract and formulate various elementary processes of multi-cellular dynamics. We aim to discover the principles common to a wide range of physiology and pathophysiology.